This Superb 3 Bedroom Log Home Has A Perfect Layout - Check It Out!

Check out this awesome two storey, 3 bedroom log house from Scandinavian Homes. This is a genuine log home built in true Scandinavian style. The design features two bedrooms upstairs and one on the main level. There are also two bathrooms, one on the main floor and the other on the upper floor and a utility room. The kitchen is open to the dining area and living room making a nice, spacious living area. There's even a study on the main floor and a small loft space that could be used as another seating area upstairs. One of the most stunning features of this design is the angled wall of windows at the front of the home in the living room area. Having a lot of windows like this really opens up the space to the outdoors and lets in so much natural light. The deck space on the front of the home is also another great feature of the log house design and provides ample space to relax and enjoy the outdoors. The plans can be altered to suit the customer's style and preferences too. So if you wanted to add another bedroom or bump out the living room or kitchen for more space, you could.

Scandinavian Homes has a lot of other log house designs to choose from too, so you can find the one that suits your need and style the most. If you'd like a more traditional style log house they also have more rustic style designs too. The company offers turnkey construction services, and they will completely build your log house for you on your land from start to finish so that it's ready for you to move your furniture and belongings into. Also, if you'd like to have more involvement in the log home building process you can also have them build the shell for you and then you can finish the rest of it yourself. They also work with other companies to provide you financial and mortgage assistance as well as architectural services and planning services. They will also help their customers find out about building demolition and clearing buildings off of a piece of land. If the land is not serviced yet, they can also arrange for installation of water, electricity, telephone and sewage. In their building duties excavation and the installation of the foundation, slab is included. Then, they assemble the log house with a crane and they also finish the roof, install engineered timber flooring throughout the house and do any tiled floors too. They will also do the interior plaster-boarding and decorating in the home and do the exterior finishing as well.

The things they don't include in their services is getting the planning permission from the city; they don't do the utilities, security alarm, telephone, internet, or TV hookups. Since sustainability is top priority in Scandinavia, the houses they build are very well designed and very energy efficient as well. Timber is also very abundant in Scandinavia which makes it the perfect place to build log houses. Scandinavian people have been building log houses for centuries, and there are log buildings that are centuries old that are still standing and being used today. All of the wood used in Scandinavian Homes' log houses comes from sustainably managed forests. They are also very well insulated to make them energy efficient. If you're considering building a log house, it's good to know that you're investing in one of the most natural and energy efficient homes, plus, it's a home that will last you a lifetime and something you can pass down to future generations.***

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