These Modern Dog Houses Are Adorably Stylish

Have you ever wanted to build a tiny house for your dog that matches your own home? These Mid-Century Modern dog houses from Pijuan Design Workshop are the cutest small house designs for dogs ever. They are inspired by the past mid-century modern designs, but they also have a very stylish and contemporary look as well. These tiny houses for your dog would definitely fit into your backyard especially if you have a mid-century modern style house. Their houses are luxurious tiny houses for your dogs that give you a chance to truly spoil your dog. The small house design you see here is The 1118 Woof Ranch tiny house which measures 44 inches wide by 72 inches long. It has a nice low pitched roof complete with eaves which provides a shaded interior and passive ventilation to keep the inside cool for your dog on hot days. The other cool thing about this small house design is the custom planter box on the top of the small house design where you could plant some flowers or maybe even some succulents. The eaves provide water to hydrate the plants, and it also provides some cooling to the home as well. With this design, your doggy would even have a nice deck to lounge on outside. Each of the tiny dog houses from PDW are fully customizable, and they will create a design that suits both your dog and the style and design of your home, so everything matches.

As for pricing, these tiny dog houses run about $3,500 each. But they are all completely handcrafted, so a lot of work goes into the design and building of these tiny houses. There are also other models you can choose from on their website including the Beam House which has a post and beam roof. There is another one called the Dog Re-Treat which is designed for sustainability since they craft it out of recycled wood and it even features an integrated green roof. The House n Home is a piece of handcrafted dog furniture to keep in your home for your dog to use inside. The Dog Tower 9 is another furniture design for a dog bed that humans can also use as a side table. It's a very practical approach to dog furniture that fits in with your home design. So instead of having a large dog bed in your home, you could have a cute side table that also acts as a safe and stylish haven for your dog.

PDW decided to go with the midcentury modern style for their small house designs because of how simple and clean the lines are. Each of their designs embraces style and functionality for any size of dog. So if you want to have a custom dog house or piece of furniture built for you and your dog, you will need to let them know what type of dog you have. The sizes will vary from smaller dogs like chihuahuas and beagles to huskies and german shepherds. They usually go by what size of crate your dog fits into from small, medium, large and extra large. The company is run by a husband and wife duo who are both architects, and their business is based in Los Angeles, California. If you don't live nearby, you could also get them to design something for you to build yourself and you could take a swing at building a tiny house for your dog on your own. You could also just use their design ideas to create your own unique small house design for building a tiny house for your pet.***

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