The Real Cost of a Free Horse

We've all heard the expression, "Don't look a gift horse in the mouth," but apparently that is exactly what you should be doing! It turns out that the real cost of a free horse over the long term is actually much greater than the initial cost of purchasing one, especially if that horse is unsound or sick. Of course, the catch 22 is that most of the horses that are offered for free do have problems with them, and you might want to think twice before purchasing one if it's going to be a huge financial burden.

Growing up, I was fortunate enough to learn to ride horses through my school, which organized field trips and kept the costs down by getting group rates. While a bit frightening for a child, riding a horse is a great bonding experience with the animal and also very fun for any animal lover. I personally love riding horses, and will admit there is a magical charm to them that could make it more than worth it to own one, if you can find the right horse.

It seems fantastic, almost too good to be true to get a free horse, when the price tag can run into the thousands of dollars to buy one. Yet they do exist, be it from a racetrack that no longer needs the horse or from someone going on vacation who wants you to look after it while they're away. These "free" horses however are actually often quite the opposite. The costs of actually owning a horse, including vaccinations, feed, shelter and grooming, can be quite discouraging for a first-time horse buyer. Not to mention that there's the issue of whether the horse has behavioral problems, is too old or sick to ride, or is a danger to people. All of these obstacles are possible to overcome, but whether or not you are willing to commit the time and money is a huge factor that you need to consider when getting a free horse. Horses usually are free for a good reason and it might be a good idea to look into buying horses that aren't free, but might be in better condition.

Now you can see for yourself if getting a free horse is right for you, and in what conditions it might be a good or bad idea. Please click the link below to the About website now for the full article and to see what the real cost of a free horse really is.

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