The Pacific Loft from Richs Portable Cabins Is a Cozy Rustic Dream Tiny House

Tiny houses on wheels are so popular these days and not to just live in full-time but to be a nice little vacation home on wheels. Many companies are creating small house designs and the houses themselves including Rich's Portable Cabins in North Powder, Oregon. These tiny houses on wheels are designed for use as a weekend cabin or even as a rental unit. They could also be used at an RV park or resort by a guest or the owners of the park or resort. Some people even use them as hunting cabins or guest cottages for friends and family. Since working from home is becoming a more popular choice, others use these small houses as home offices or studios. Most of these tiny houses would also be fine for full-time small house living if someone wanted to do that. They have a kitchenette with a small range, a sink and a mini-fridge. They also have a living area and sleeping area that is usually combined. If more space is needed, they have a small house design with a loft to separate the living area from the sleeping area. You can even add more sleeping areas since they have a few models that have two bedrooms in their floor plan. There is even one three bedroom model and one duplex.

Since not everyone is looking for a larger luxurious small house design, they have a simple tiny house model that is very affordable. This is their basic Camp Cabin model. They scaled down the size of their other models to use fewer materials so that the tiny house could cost less overall. This line of tiny houses starts at around $25,000 or more which would be very affordable. This tiny house style is very popular with Park Owners since they make awesome overnight rentals for those who want a different experience than a hotel. Some of the small house designs from this line of tiny houses even have patios on the front. The other model they have is the Alaskan which is also a very simple design, but it has a bit of a larger kitchen and a proper bedroom in the back with a separate living room. Again, with this one, you could also get a loft too for more sleeping space. There is also a bathroom in this level of tiny house designs which would be very convenient. They are usually around 33 feet long with a little 4-foot patio built onto the house which is perfect for a nice outdoor space on the go.

The Miller is another larger option from their collection of small house designs, and it would be great for many purposes. This one has a compact small house design with the bedroom in the loft and a living room which is quite large with lots of big windows. Whenever you're building a small house, keep in mind that having big windows makes a huge difference in any small house design. The windows always seem to open up the entire home making it feel larger than it is. The kitchen has apartment size appliances in it which are just big enough but don't take up too much space. It also has a full laundry centre in it which is great for those who know they will be spending a lot of time at their tiny house or cabin. This one is usually around 26 feet long which makes it much easier to tow with your own vehicle. If you're thinking about building a tiny house on wheels, make sure you check out the designs from Rich's Portable Cabins and see which ones you like best.***

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