Take a Tour Inside This Spectacular Pan-abode Log Home

You'll want to take a look at this spectacular Pan-Abode log house in the Gulf Islands based on the majestic Phoenix wood cabin model. The Phoenix wood cabin design is perfect for a family vacation retreat or as a primary residence. This log house floor plan features three spacious bedrooms with two full sized bathrooms and an open living space that combines the kitchen, living and dining rooms. You can relax and enjoy the scenic views from your private covered balcony that extends from the master bedroom. You can choose optional front decking for this log house design. The Phoenix log house has 1,258 square feet of space, with 757 square feet of space on the main floor.

The log house packages with Pan Abode come with all the building materials you need to build your cabin building. Your Pan-Abode log house has all of the Low-E windows, the doors, subfloor, ceiling, roofing materials, the exterior log walls, interior log walls, interior framing materials, right down to the fasteners, which are all part of the standard log house packages. And if you are wondering if you can customize your log house package, the answer is yes. All of their log house plans are customizable, and almost every wood cabin they manufacture is modified to suit the unique requirements of each family. And the good news is that you don't have to be a master carpenter to assemble one of these Pan Abode log houses yourself. Over the years, many people have built their Pan-Abode log house designs. They have found it both a fulfilling and rewarding experience. This is particularly true for the traditional rancher models of log house design, although they recommend consulting with an experienced log house builder for the more complex log house designs such as their two-storey and loft-style models.

One of the benefits of a log house design is in how comfortable they are to live and stay in. The reason for this is because of the thermal mass of the logs. Thermal mass is the ability of a building material to absorb and to store heat energy, which helps to provide stabilization against temperature fluctuations. Think of Pan-Abodes solid cedar log walls as having rechargeable thermal batteries, soaking up the thermal energy while your log house is being heated and slowly releasing this energy back into your log house living area when the temperature drops. While any solid, liquid, or gas will also possess some thermal mass, Pan-Abodes four by six inch Western Red Cedar logs uniquely combine this thermal mass with a natural resistance to help with thermal conductivity. The result is that the logs can provide energy efficiency that can meet or exceed the performance of conventionally framed structures with R-20 insulated walls. And besides looking good, Western Red Cedar is one of the best building materials you can use. For centuries, Western Red Cedar has been used by the Pacific Northwest Coast First Nations as the Tree of Life a building materials used to build longhouses, canoes and totem poles. Thousands of years later and Western Red Cedar continues to be a preferred building material. Western Red Cedar is naturally durable. Western Red Cedar is less susceptible to moisture, fungi growth and insect damage. Western Red Cedar is also water damage resistant and is also successful in weathering long periods of heavy rain and other weather extremes such as snow, hail and strong winds.

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