Surfer's Paradise - Luxurious Tiny Hotel On Wheels

If you are looking for a unique way to travel Morocco and Portugal, the Truck Surf Hotel may just be for you. This unique small house plan is like nothing you've seen before. The tiny house on wheels has special walls that slide out, to private double rooms that have wooden walls and wide windows to enjoy the view. The tiny house building has stairs, a fully equipped kitchen, a living room, shower, toilet, a terrace and pop up second floor. The tiny house on wheels is modern and full of light inside. The Truck Surf Hotel tiny house on wheels is a converted Mercedes Actros with a hydraulic system that allows the both walls and the sealing to expand. The tiny house on wheels transforms into a double-decker hotel on wheels, which gives it the space of a home and the comfortable accommodation during your holidays. The Truck Surf Hotel tiny house on wheels has five travel seats. Guests of the Truck Surf Hotel travel on a Mini Bus, so they have more flexibility to go to every beach and town. You can book the tiny house on wheels for surf trips to yoga sessions, adventure trips to horse riding tours. This comfortable tiny house on wheels is a unique hotel that gives you the flexibility to travel, with the best guiding and surf coaches, which makes for an original holiday experience. You will want to take a look at the Truck Surf Hotel site to see all the details.

The Truck Surf Hotel offers a glimpse at what small house living is all about. On the first floor of the tiny house on wheels, there is a living room with couches and a table where you can hang out. The downstairs of the tiny house building also has a projector where you can watch any footage taken. The kitchen is set up for self-catering and to cook your own meals. The tiny house building has a toilet and a bathroom where you can have a nice warm shower. Upstairs in this tiny house building is an upper floor with the main hall with access to five rooms. Four of the rooms are shared double rooms with a bunk bed, along with one private double room with a couple of bed. At the Truck Surf Hotel tiny house on wheels, you can choose either a bed in one of the shared double rooms, or if you are traveling with your partner, you can book a private double room. Each room in the tiny house building is equipped with air conditioning and a locker, where you can keep your personal belongings.

This tiny house building is just one of the tiny houses on wheels that might inspire small house living. Small house living is becoming more and more popular these days, especially with the rising costs of real estate, and pricey standard-sized homes. A tiny house building or tiny house on wheels might afford you to have the vacation home of your dreams, or offer a downsized home option where you can save money, and afford a lifestyle that better suits you. Small house living or a tiny house building might be the perfect space for an artist studio, home office, guest house, or writers cabin, with so many options you are only limited by your imagination.

You will find this tiny house building at the Truck Surf Hotel site. On the site, you will find this unique tiny house on wheels available for a surf holiday in Portugal or Morocco. You will want to take a look at the site for the full details. **

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