Sun in the Mane

Horses are absolutely gorgeous creatures. Their body frame, the way they move, and of course how their mane and tail seem to always flow ever so perfectly in the wind. Look into a horse's eye and you will always feel mesmerized – there's just something about them – perhaps almost melancholic, shy and timid... gentle yet so many story behind them.

I have been fascinated by horses ever since I was a little girl. Luckily, I have been able to surround myself around them – and to this day, I try to capture them in my artworks. Mostly photography. Its amazing what you catch when you are patient waiting for that perfect shot. Whether your subject (the horse) is by themselves in the field or with'll never find yourself short of a good story behind the action.

I just recently bough some new equipment and in a recent collection I have been putting together, I find myself drawn to the impact of light. I love working with natural light as it's the most honest. No studio lamps or flashes....just the use of the sunshine or the moon. I love how light refracts from different objects and living things. With horses in particular – it's a great harmony of light and movement. I also love the way the natural sunlight creates this wonderful glow and shine across a horses coat. The warm hues that shine on a chestnut horse or the almost opulent pearl glistening on a beautiful white gelding. Every horses coat and mane seems to shine differently and I think its absolutely gorgeous!

Before setting out and doing some test shots, I went on the internet to get some ideas – after all, I'm not a professional photographer, I just do this all for fun. I think its always a good idea to go and check out what others see – learn some new styles, angles, and perspectives. I find it gives me inspiration and in a way direction – I'm self taught, remember?

I found one particular shot that stood out – I really like it – the colours, the motion, the lighting. Go on and check it out and see for yourself. You never know, it might just give you some inspiration and ideas for the next time you're out on the field...Happy Photographing.

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