Spread Out in the 400sf Bellevue by West Coast Homes

Here's a beautiful and modern small house design that will be the perfect inspiration for those who want to build a tiny house on a foundation. The Bellevue tiny house comes from West Coast Homes. This tiny house shows that small house living can be functional and spacious and that you don't have to go with a tiny house on wheels if you have land to build on. This small house design also includes a flex space, so it has a bit more space than some of their other designs. This is one of the Wildwood Lakefront Cottage models, and each of these tiny houses has an open concept design featuring large windows and high ceilings. That means excellent views and an airy feeling within the home. This small house design also has two sleeping spaces upstairs and could even be converted to a three bedroom space as well if needed. You will notice that in small house design they will usually implement a lot of large windows like they do in the Bellevue tiny house. These features help to open space up while creating the illusion of more space within the home. This small house design also features a patio which helps to extend the living space outdoors, and they even have a rooftop patio on this model which means even more outdoor space.

Adding a patio or a deck onto your tiny house is always a great idea since you can design a comfortable outdoor living space that will help you feel like you have more livable space in your home. The open concept on the main floor also helps with that in this design. This model features a full kitchen including a dishwasher, fridge, stove and oven as well as a sink and lots of counter space and cabinet space. There is even space for a dining room table as well. The living room features a nice fireplace with a mantle and room to mount a TV above. When you build a small house design on a foundation, you can make the tiny house any dimensions you like whereas tiny houses on wheels must remain within the guidelines of 8.5 feet wide by 13.6 feet tall, so they are legal on the highway. A bathroom is also included in this small house design with a shower, a flush toilet and a sink and vanity. There is also a large master bedroom on the main floor which is great for those who prefer not to have their bedroom as a loft. These small house designs can be customised as needed and they are delivered right to the property when they are ready. You could use one of these as a vacation home or a rental unit, or even for small house living full-time. They currently have four models to choose from which are relatively similar to each other but have slight differences.

If you're thinking about building a tiny house like this one for yourself, you could look into having one built for you by a company like West Coast Homes. Or, you could gather ideas from the internet and come up with your own small house design ideas. A smaller home is not only going to be more affordable to build, but they are also more affordable to heat and to take care of. That way you have more time to relax and enjoy time at home or at your vacation home. These homes from West Coast Home start at around $125,000, and you can customise any of their small house designs. Check out more of the tiny houses from the Wildwood Lake Front Cottages website and see which one you like the best.***

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