Power By Horse

For those of you who have spent any considerable about of time around horses, you all surely can agree that there is something so powerful but still magical or majestic about horses. They are incredibly strong and well-built creatures, yet when you look into their big beautiful eyes, you feel their gentle and almost shy and timid or even vulnerable nature. I have been always absolutely fascinated by them, and still today; find them to be the most beautiful animals to roam our planet.

I have been riding horses since about the age of four. Mom and Dad were really keen on getting me up there, on saddle, from a young age, and I am ever so thankful for this opportunity and privilege. Riding has been a huge part of my upbringing and has definitely taught me a thing or two. It has showed me how to not only be patient with animals (horses in specific) but also be patient with myself. Countless rides where I've fallen off, been bucked off, or just somehow have injured myself has also given me strength and determination. And we cannot forget learning to be more brave. Yes, I know it all sounds a bit silly, but honestly...riding horses has definitely impacted my life in a positive way giving me a huge injection of confidence (over the years). And for the record, so that I don't sound to selfish and arrogant... I am ever so thankful and appreciative for this.

Now that I am an adult and have lots of experience riding I can say this when you're up there you definitely do gain a sense of power. Well, once you are a solid and confident rider at least. I guess its all about breaking that threshold.... moving passed being worried about sitting on top a thousand plus animal and begin to realize that you can yes, harmonious ride together...and if anything take control of the animal you ride upon, and just go! Once you form that relationship well that's the moment you really feel what its like to ride. And to me, that's the most powerful, special and beautiful interaction between horse and rider. Happy Riding!

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