Christmas In The Woods

When you think of Christmas snow always seems to come to mind. Many people choose to spend their Christmas holidays in the mountains or a place that has snow because the two just seem to go hand and h ... read more

Come See This Tiny House at Metro Motorcycles in Neenah at Just $8500

Come see this tiny house at Metro Motorcycles in Neenah at just $8500. If you're interested in having a tiny house to call home, check out this great little house featured on Tiny House Wisconsin's F ... read more

Perfect and Stunning Tiny House

Ever dream of having an off grid tiny home of your own? This perfect and stunning tiny house cabin in the woods could tide you over until you get one to call your own. Located in Government Camp, Or ... read more

Tiny House for Under $1,000

Looking to buy a home can be an overwhelmingly exciting experience, but it can come with a lot of financial responsibilities and hidden costs. This is a tiny house for under $1,000 that can be all yo ... read more

Dream Big and Think Tiny

Looking to join in on the tiny house movement? Dream big and think tiny with these awesome tiny houses on wheels from the Mt. Hood Tiny House Village just outside of Portland, Oregon. If you are thi ... read more

These BFFs Built a Tiny House Neighborhood So They Could All Live Right Next to Each Other

You will want to take a look at this tiny house community located in Austin, Texas. Imagine living in the same block as all of your best friends, while it sounds like a great idea, not everyone has th ... read more

This Fully Furnished Tiny House Offers All the Comfort Necessary for Its Inhabitants

Looking at tiny house design ideas can be really inspiring, especially when you are building a tiny house of your own. This fully furnished tiny house offers all the comfort necessary for it's inhabi ... read more

The Tiny House Escapade Has a Modern Design That Will Delight Fans of Pure Architecture

It's not every day that you get to go on a tiny house adventure, but that is exactly what you do when you take a peak at this tiny house on wheels video. Not only will you fall in love with the overal ... read more

Self-sufficient Scottish Island for Sale that Comes with Broadband and Post Office

Every now and again you come across something that you can't stop thinking about and this land for sale in the Isle Of Tanera Mor, Achiltibuie, Ullapool, Ross-Shire, is just the thing to get you dream ... read more

Perfect Cabin Hidden Away in Woods of Washington

This tiny wood cabin may be small in size, but it's simple design is big on appeal. You can't help but want to stay a little longer when you take a look at this tiny house design full of rustic charm ... read more

399 Sq. Ft. Quality and Affordable Legacy Tiny Hacienda Home

Many people are looking for alternative housing options, which is where small house living comes in. This 399 square foot quality and affordable Legacy Tiny Hacienda Home is a great option for this p ... read more

A Family Friendly Tiny House with Stunning Interior, Must See!

NOTE: The link doesn't show the article or video of the tiny house any more, but here is another link I found that talks about the show and the tiny house in the photo. ... read more

Tiny House Country Meets City House

Tiny house enthusiasts love seeing inside of different people's tiny houses, which is why it's great that the FYI Television Network has a show specifically geared toward small house design. On their ... read more

America's Most Affordable Tiny House Starting at $16,000 + Delivery

Small house living is more popular than ever, but buying a tiny house can often incur a big price tag, but here is a great solution. America's most affordable tiny house starts at $16,000 plus delive ... read more

The Homesteader with His Sexed up Homey Cozy Look

It can be rare to find unique wood cabins for sale, but check out the Homesteader with a very homey and cozy look. This is one of three small wood cabins built by the same cabin builders that has com ... read more

A Stunning Family Cabin That Spans Just 480 Sq Ft!

When it comes to tiny house designs, this breathtaking cabin on Lake Austin combines modern design with a view of the water for the perfect place to stay. This tiny house design is used as a quiet wee ... read more

The Details of this Original Tiny House are Truly Extraordinary

When it comes to unique small house plans, there are a lot of tiny homes that fit the bill. Whether tiny homes are used for home offices, guest houses, for storage, studio space, or a work shop there ... read more

People Are Excited to See the Inside of This Beautiful Tiny House Caravan

What a beautiful tiny home design. People are excited to see inside this beautiful tiny house caravan and now you can take a photo tour through Living in a Shoebox. Many people may equate living in ... read more

Ordinary-Looking Tiny House Lowers ‘Drawbridge’ To Reveal A Stunningly Unique Home

Tiny house building is a hot topic these days, with hundreds, if not thousands of people joining the tiny house movement. Here's one tiny house on wheels you won't forget. An ordinary looking tiny h ... read more

23 incredible tiny homes from around the world

Tiny house design plans are one of the most popular trends in real estate, and it's easy to see why. With real estate prices getting more and more expensive tiny homes designs are a way to help out wi ... read more

Woman Builds Gorgeous Tiny Home To Stop Paying Mortgage After Her Divorce

This is one story that took a bad situation and turned it into something amazing. Macy Miller from Idaho is an architect who had a huge dream about something on the small side. After she got a divorce ... read more

A Tiny Home That Floats

If you like tiny house designs, you will love this story about Ms. Clegg an 83 woman who lives on a unique small house plan, a schooner that is docked on the Upper West Side in New York City. She has ... read more

We Can't Figure Out Why This Tiny Bethesda Home Costs $459,000

We can't figure out why this tiny Bethesda Home costs $459,000. Usually when you're looking at buying a tiny house, whether it's a tiny house on wheels or a stationary small house design, one of the ... read more

Tiny Home That Features a Rock Climbing Wall Façade

Here's a tiny house on wheels with a really cool added feature. Couple, Breck and Kelsey, have a tiny home that features a rock climbing wall facade built into their tiny house design. One of the ma ... read more

You've Never Seen a Tiny Home as Fancy (or Expensive!) As This

This tiny house design gives a whole new meaning to the saying good things come in small packages. This tiny house design plan comes from the tiny house design company Tiny Heirloom, and it doesn't ge ... read more

Young Couple’s Custom Tiny Home is Popping Out of its Seams {Tiny House Tour 24 Photos}

Micro homes are a trend that's here to stay. Check out this young couple's custom tiny home that is popping out at the seams, literally. In the tiny house tour complete with 24 photos, you'll be abl ... read more

THIS tiny home will make you want to move. Wait until you see what’s inside!

Many people around the world are doing away with their larger homes and opting for tiny home designs that are big on style. Though tiny house design may seem impractical at first, some of these tiny h ... read more

Another Tiny House With Incredible Interior Design Built in 40 Days!

You will fall in love with this tiny house design that couple Pascal and Catherine built. This couple from Quebec, Canada built their first tiny house design using locally sourced materials in just 40 ... read more

This Tiny House Seems Weird From The Outside, But When You Step Inside? WHOA!

You have to take a look inside of this tiny house design. While it looks so narrow from the outside, you will be amazed at just how spacious the tiny house interior design is. With 594 square feet of ... read more

Four Tiny Home Storage Solutions You Need To Try

When it comes to small house living, storage and organization is top priority. So if you are living in a tiny house, here are four tiny home storage solutions you need to try. The smaller your home ... read more
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