This Amazing Chair Works With Gravity To Help You Sit In The Best Postures

Many of us suffer from back pain at some time or another. Those of us who sit at a desk for long periods of time will often begin to slouch and sit poorly increasing our risk of back pain and injury. ... read more

This Dragon Throne By Matthew Crabb Is More Than Just A Piece Of Art

This "Stunning Dragon Carved Chair by Matthew Crabb" is a one of a kind piece of wood art, that is sure to be a conversation piece wherever it sits. This dragon chair piece of chainsaw art looks like ... read more

Go Bold With This Rustic Desk Set!

A unique rustic desk could give character and personality to your room or office. Why settle for the usual and boring design of a table, when you can have an original and custom-made rustic desk? We ... read more

How To Increase The Fun Quotient Of Your Log House Room

Log homes have always been a popular type of home, whether they are built with a do it yourself log cabin kits or by a log home builder. Log homes are a "Lovely Home," design that many people dream a ... read more

How To Make Rustic, Classic Furniture Out Of Twigs

When living in a log cabin, log cottage, or log home its alway nice to decorate your place with some accessories, decor or furniture inspired by nature, as log homes lend to this theme and fit in so p ... read more

Bring Rustic Beds Back To Your Luxurious, Riveting Bedroom

There are rustic twin beds available when you rent this space in Sedona, Arizona. The Sedona Dream Maker Bed and Breakfast is a place that you must visit if you want to unwind out of town. They are f ... read more

Find Your Own Special Zen In This Rustic Log Cabin

Just when you think you have seen the most impressive log home, another "Awesome Rustic Living Room Idea" comes along to raise the bar higher. This log home great room is the thing that dreams are ma ... read more

The Rural Porch Of Luxurious Elegance

One look at this "Magnificent Rustic Porch" and you will be inspired to decorate your outdoor space, chances are it won't have the view that this place has, but what you do with your outdoor space can ... read more

If THIS Isn't Log-Living Luxury, Nothing Is

This Amazing Rustic Wood Arbor fits in perfectly with this unique stone house design, for a look that is original and appealing. You can learn to build this rustic wood arbor design, along with a wide ... read more

The Secret Benefits Of Log Furniture

Rustic log furniture is a rapidly growing industry. With a wide variety of woods, finishes and styles to choose from there is something to please every decorating taste and style. Rustic Log Furniture ... read more

Who Else Wants A Table That Reminds 'Em Of Cow Rump?

Awesome isn't quite the word for this miracle of reclaimed natural artistry on this log furniture. This wood table brings together the best in traditional horizonal surface functionality with the rawn ... read more

This Beautiful Horse-Shaped Water Fountain Left Us SPEECHLESS…

If you like horses you will love this "Stunning Horse Water Fountain" carved by artist Patricia Borum. On her site you will several amazing horse art made from bronze, classical horse fountains and m ... read more

Live Edge Industrial Farmhouse Table With Breadboard Ends

This Live Edge Industrial Farmhouse Table With Breadboard Ends is the perfect rustic cabin furniture that would look good on any outdoor patio. The rustic wood furniture is made of solid Tamarack for ... read more

40 Amazing DIY Log Ideas To Make Your House Look Rustic And Cozy

People have been using wood to build things for centuries, and it remains an unparalleled building tool that is so versatile and practical. The best part is that by using it compared to other buil ... read more

Amazing Handmade Log Furniture That Looks Modern And Is Recyclable

Even though people have been making furniture and different things from tree wood for centuries, it is still an art that is enjoyed by many and many people love and prefer the traditional type of furn ... read more

This Amazingly Looking Bed Will Make Yours Nights Blissful

Bedtime has to be my favorite time of the day. I love sliding into the comfort of my smooth, clean sheets and soft yet firm mattress. When you consider how many hours of our lives are spent in bed, it ... read more

This Wooden Tractor Looks So Stunning That You'll Want To Drive It!

Now here is something you don't see everyday, a "Wooden Tractor" beautifully carved to look like the real thing! This amazingly realistic wooden carved tractor was made by French artist Pascal Rivet ... read more

Pine Log Bed With Sunburst Pattern ... read more

Pine Log Dining Table ... read more

Log Trunk Table

This rustic cabin furniture Log Trunk Table is a great addition to any living room set. This beautiful log cabin furniture would look good in any living room, with nice detail and character. This rust ... read more

Log Occasional Tables ... read more
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