Horse Wearing People Clothes

It is always fun to see animals when they are dressed up like people. I have an old magazine and in it were pictures from 1903 and they had very detailed photos of dogs wearing little tailored suit jackets. Horses have long been dressed up for battle and even can wear people clothes. Pharaohs in Ancient Egypt used to adorn their animals (especially cats) with jewels and collars. Animals now-a-days have all sorts of outfits to wear. The pet stores cater to pampered pets, and some things are practical to invest in for your loved furry family member. For instance, in colder regions, it would be a great idea to dress your pup up in a coat for him to go outside. Imagine if you had to go outside in the middle of the night with no clothes on in the winter! You would freeze! Also, I have been seeing little booties or rain-boots, for cats and dogs to wear so the snow or ice doesn't hurt their paws. I even saw little bandannas for dogs for sale at the baseball game so your pooch can wear your favorite sports teams color and show off their pride! They even have clothes for exotic pets like ferrets and birds too.

Sometimes wearing "clothes" is useful, like horse blankets that the horse have to wear when they are in the pasture in the winter months. Also, in falconry, the falcons have to wear a special "hood" on their head that limits their vision, so they are easier to handle and don't get spooked with sudden movements. These "hoods" are actually really expensive and can be compared to a "saddle" that is required when you ride a horse, this hood is a necessity for falconry. Even if you do not have an exotic pet or horse, your dog or cat can look just as cute with a bow-tie or bow on their collar or even some sparkly vest or leash. I wouldn't recommend buying super fancy clothes for your pets, as my pets are always off running through the bush and the clothes could get damaged, or even worse, could get tangled and trap your pet. So if you are going to dress up your animals, make sure that you are there to supervise them while they are wearing the "clothes".

If you can remember some funny dressed up pets, or want to see some ideas in action, Flickr has some cool photos, starting with this Horse wearing people clothes below after the link!

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