Cancer Survivor Downsizes from 2500sf Home to Custom Tiny House on 34 Trailer

People have been known to downsize to small house living after a life-altering change in their lives. Much like Kristi and Rafael, who decided to go tiny after Kristi survived breast cancer. They chose to switch over to small house living from their 2500 square foot house, and they did it with a budget of only $45,000. They built their small house design on a 34-foot trailer and called it the Odyssey which is fitting for their incredible journey. Many people are joining in the tiny house movement because they are disenchanted with the status quo, and they would rather live a life of freedom rather than having to pay off a mortgage their entire life. Tiny houses are more affordable to build, to live in and to maintain, which is why they are such a popular choice for people these days. Especially since housing prices continue to go up in cities all around the world. The couple built their tiny house on wheels to look much like a log cabin. They even used log siding in their tiny house design to give it the look of a rustic log cabin in the woods. You can also see that they chose to give their small house design lots of windows to brighten it up which is important in a smaller space if you don't want it to feel too cramped. The windows and the tall ceiling help to expand the space inside the tiny house as well.

They made the living room sunken into the floor and were able to put a full-sized couch and other furniture in the home. It's also great that they installed a ceiling fan in the centre of the home to keep the air circulating. Another great small house design idea is to keep the living room open to the kitchen so that you have one open room instead of a bunch of closed off rooms. The kitchen is filled with custom cabinets, and they fit in full-sized appliances and lots of storage using magnetic boards and hooks to keep things off the counters. One of the other items you'll often see in a small house design that makes small house living so much easier is a staircase with storage in it. They created a great storage staircase with built-in cubbies under each stair. Their staircase leads to the loft bedroom upstairs where they have a queen-sized bed and even more windows. The second loft could be used as a second sleeping space or as storage. They created separation between the two lofts with a large dresser which doubles as clothing storage.

The bathroom is a very well organised space with lots of shelving and storage. They even included a cool glass sink on top of a small dresser they're using as a vanity. Like most tiny houses, this one has a composting toilet, and there's even a door leading outside from the bathroom. This is a great design and could be used as inspiration for your own tiny house designs. If you're building a tiny house on a budget as this couple did, you may want to look into using upcycled materials. You can go to auctions, or you can look on buy and sell groups in your area to find the items you're looking for. Buying your kitchen cabinets used could save you a lot of money in the long run. Just give them a fresh coat of paint or stain and add some nice countertops. Have a look at this couple's inspiring design and get some ideas for your own small house design.***

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