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Aren't horses absolutely incredible creatures? There's something about horse that just absolutely fascinates me. Their graceful yet powerful gallop, the way their mane and tail flows in the wind, their mysterious yet ever so sensitive eyes, and of course the way the interact with not only us, humans, but with one another. Horses are definitely one of the most magical animals I think we have been fortunate to interact with not only as wild animals but as domesticated pets, labor aide, protectors, and entertainers.

Over the years I have been lucky to be surrounded around horses and have come to appreciate them in different ways as I have grown older. When I was a little girl, I loved horses and the idea of having my very own pony. My special unicorn that I would ride around, while pretending I was a princess. As I grew older and was left to manage stables and take care of the horses at our farm, I learned more deeply how complex and interesting these creatures truly are. And how intelligent. Wow. Now, being a professional photographer and graphic designer, I see horses though yet another vantage point. I spend most of my time taking picture of people - people interacting a mood, a motion, something which creates a story for companies or brands to further increase their sales or popularity. Now take this style of photography and apply it to animals, and more specifically, horses, you'll be surprised with what you see! Horses, just like us, have a myriad of emotions and expressions, but this of course is often unseen unless you watch quietly them play, flight, flirt, interact with one another. And of course they would their just as living creature as we are!!

Here's an example of a photo that captures perfectly the friendship between two Morgans in their paddock. you can almost imagine what their conversation would be like...

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