Beautiful Spacious Light And Very Comfortable Log Home

Check out this gorgeous and spacious log house from Immobilien Scout 24. This 1,776 square foot log house starts at 179,000 for the log home kit which would be about $208,065 USD. You can also pay 454 per month on a payment plan. The single-shell log house is constructed out of triple laminated Nordic pine and has a 20 cm wall thickness. The log home kits from Immobilien Scout 24 are prefabricated which means that all of the houses are premade in their factory before they are shipped out to the customer. This really helps in the building process when the log house arrives on the customer's property since all log home plans and designs are ready to be built. All of the pieces and parts are premade, and all of the hardware is included. The log house you see here features a ground floor, a second floor, as well as a usable attic that could be used as a loft space for storage or even a fun little sleeping area for kids. The log house has a gabled roof which allows for more ceiling height at the tallest point of the house. On the exterior view of the log house, you can also see that there is a great balcony on the home which would be a great space to enjoy some relaxing time outside. Inside, you can see how spacious this log house is and how well the space is utilized.

The walls are built using square shaped logs for a modern and consistent look. If you like the traditional log house style better, you can also find log home kits with round, full logs instead of square prefab logs. The company also has many other log home plans and designs which you can browse through to find the perfect one for you. Inside, they finish the walls with wood tongue and groove panelling, and they also did the ceiling with it too and added some beams. There are also some walls that are finished with drywall and that have been painted or finished with wallpaper. You can see that the kitchen is a very modern one with all brand new efficient appliances and modern looking cabinets and countertops. So even if you want a more modern style in your log house, you can have that. If you'd like more of a traditional log house design, you could go with wooden cabinets and granite countertops.

When you're looking to build a log house of your own, and you don't have land already, you'll want to look at different land options in your region. Once you have your land you'll have to decide on the log house design you would like to build and where on your land you'd like to build it. Other aspects of the build will also include having the home built for you versus building the log house yourself. To figure out what style of log house you would like to build, you can look at different log home plans and designs on websites like Immobilien Scout 24 or you can even visit a model house to see one in person and get an idea of what it would feel like to live in a log house of your own. You could even spend a night or more in a log house or two to see what it's really like to sleep and live in a log house. Check out this beautiful log house design and some of the other log home kits and designs from Immobilien Scout 24. You can also usually customize any log home plans and designs to suit your needs.***

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