300sf Two-Bedroom Tiny House for Sale in Spearfish, South Dakota

Are you interested in owning a tiny house but you're not sure if you want to take on the work that comes with tiny house building? You can look into buying a tiny house that's already been built and lived in. The Morrison is a beautiful tiny house on wheels that was for sale in 2017 in Spearfish, South Dakota. This small house design was originally built by EcoCabins, and it measures 28 feet long and has 300 square feet of space inside. It features two lofts and a main floor with a living room area, a kitchen and a bathroom. They were asking for $60,000 US for the house which is a very reasonable price. On the outside, the tiny house is done with wood siding in a dark stain, and they carried that colour into the wood on the inside of the house too. All of the cabinetry inside the house is darker, and the floors are as well, but walls are left white which allows the tiny house to feel more spacious. Having darker colours in a small house design is fine as long as there is a good balance of colour and they are used in the right way. You can also see that in the kitchen they have a full-sized oven and stove with a full-sized fridge as well. The sink has a nice little window above it which would make doing dishes a bit more pleasant.

Many people living in tiny houses opt for full-sized appliances so that they don't feel like they are giving up any amenities they had in a conventional home. If you'd like to save space in a small house design, you could opt to install apartment sized appliances or mini appliances instead. You can also get RV appliances for your tiny house as well which are in between apartment sized appliances and mini appliances like bar fridges and convection ovens. One of the greatest features of the interior space is the storage staircase leading up to one of the lofts and the storage cabinets around a desk area they created for themselves. I the staircase there is also an all in one washer and dryer combination unit that makes doing laundry at home very convenient. You can find all in one laundry units for your tiny house, or you can go with stackable laundry units if you don't mind taking up more space in your small house design. You could also opt just to get a washing machine and then dry your clothing on a line outside if you live somewhere warmer. The bathroom in this tiny house has a sink, a flushable toilet, and a shower stall which is just enough for a tiny house. If you enjoy taking baths, you can look for tiny bathtubs, or you could fit a regular sized bathtub into your small house design.

You can also see that the previous owners of this tiny house had their pets with them in it, which shows you can live comfortably with dogs or cats in a small space. Some of the other small house building ideas on the internet include tiny house designs that have pet lifts to hoist pets up into the loft spaces and kennel spaces for dogs. One small house design even created a game that the dogs could play while the owners were away at work. This tiny house on wheels is no longer available since these tiny houses tend to sell pretty fast these days. You can use this small house design for your own tiny house building project through and get more ideas from Tiny Houses.***

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